Learn more about FRAM’s heritage

The FRAM® history dates back over 75 years when the original chemists, Frederick Franklin and T. Edward Aldam, invented an easily-replaceable oil filtering element at their laboratory in Providence, RI. Automotive oil filters of various types had been on the market for nearly ten years, yet were difficult to install, change and clean. Franklin and Aldam, whose last name combination gave rise to the company name, set out to solve these problems with their revolutionary filters.


FRAM® releases a new oil filter designed specifically for synthetic oil.



Continuing on the momentum of the Tough Guard® oil product line, FRAM® releases its all-new Tough Guard® air filter.



FRAM® releases two more oil filter products – each designed to meet the unique needs of 21st century motorists.

The second innovation in oil filter design is the announcement of the FRAM High Mileage™ oil filter.



FRAM launches SureDRAIN™ oil change system.



Once again, FRAM® asserts itself as an industry-leading brand with the introduction of its Extended Guard® product line – an oil filter designed for use with synthetic oils and extended oil change intervals.



FRAM® officially patents its industry-renowned SureGRIP process, an unparalleled design for oil filters.



Added fiber add a new fiber to the extra-life dual-phase media called triad raising the dirt trapping standard by 48%.



FRAM® releases a product that is designed to handle the effects of severe driving conditions.

Releases Tough Guard product design to handle the effects of severe driving conditions and moves the SPE to a new high of 98%.



FRAM® develops a new way of delivering oil additive. The product is Double Guard® and the additive is suspended in the media and is released as the oil flows through.



FRAM filtration is OE on 40% of U.S. HD diesel engine build.



FRAM releases ExtraGuard glass media filter technology.



FRAM introduces single-stage full-flow bypass filters for diesel.



FRAM releases WearGuard glass media filter technology.



FRAM® introduced the Extra Life Air Filter® that lasts 50 percent longer and stops 50 percent more dirt – the first air filter to utilize two integral filtering elements.

Greenville plant expanded a second time.



FRAM® opened the first plant devoted exclusively to development and manufacture of heavy-duty air filters and cartridges, in Nevada, MO.



FRAM was the first filter manufacturer to provide a complete in-house oil analysis service, performed by the FRAM engineering staff.



FRAM opened the filter industry’s largest and most complete filtration engineering and research facility, in East Providence, RI.



FRAM® debuts its iconic slogan, “You can pay me now, or pay me later.®”



FRAM introduced a full line of fuel filter/water separators with UL listing to solve a major engine problem for marine applications.

Introduced fuel filter/water separators to solve a major engine problem for marine applications.



Production of high performance filters for racing engines begins.



FRAM introduced the first spin-on fuel filter for trucks, the P1101PL.



In 1956, FRAM® engineers had been working on a new type of oil filter that would combine the cartridge and housing in one unit, and were able to be installed faster than any previous oil filter.



Production of the new pleated type cartridge begins.



1953 Vintage FRAM® Advertisement



Introduction of the Aftermarket version of the air filter sold to Studebaker, for their 1952 models.

Installation manuals for FRAM by-pass filters manufactured for trucks and farm equipment of the time.



FRAM® Dry-Type Replaceable Air Filter was the first selected as original equipment on a U.S. passenger car, the 1952 Studebaker.

Installation Manual for by-pass type FRAM filters on Trucks.

FRAM® Introduced First Dry-type Carburetor Air Filter, replacing the previous oil-bath type filter.

February 27 – Production began at the Greenville plant with 13 female production workers.



Introduction of Water Filters for cars, trucks and buses.

Introduced new items such as carburetor air filters, crankcase ventilators and gasoline filters.



FRAM® completed the world’s first “Engineering Research Dust Tunnel” as aid in air filter development.

FRAM® Lubri-Graf® was made available to fleet operators for control of oil filter cartridge change intervals.



FRAM® Corporation awarded Army-Navy “E” – the only exclusive manufacturer filter development.



The FRAM Corporation catalog from 1942, with the first FRAM advertising slogan "The Dipstick Tells the Story.”

FRAM® introduced the Filcron® Oil Filter, first to combine depth and surface filtration for high efficiency.



The first branch plant was built in 1939 in Ann Arbor, MI.



FRAM® F40 Oil Filter introduced for “super heavy duty” used in “the largest trucks and some diesels.”

Cadillac, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Graham joined Studebaker as original equipment users of FRAM® Oil Filters.



FRAM® introduced its second filter model, the F2. This was the first FRAM® Oil Filter designed specifically for large trucks, tractors, and diesels.



FRAM becomes original equipment on the 1936 Studebaker.

Introduction of the first FRAM Oil Filter with single bolt cover seal construction - the FRAM F4.



FRAM was incorporated; average production that year was ten filters per working day.



Introduction of the first FRAM Oil Filter with an easily replaceable cartridge – the FRAM F1.

FRAM is born when the original chemists, Frederick Franklin and T. Edward Aldam, invented an easily-replaceable oil filtering element in their Providence, R.I. laboratory.

The name FRAM was coined from the first two letter for FRanklin and the last two letters of AldAM.

FRAM begins hand assembly of oil filters.